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What we do ?

An online and offline advertising and publishing company based in Kerala. A Monthly offline copy is published and distributed totally for free. FREE classifieds for public is a speciality of ours.

Our Circulation

We are distributing our print edition to elite customers in Trivandrum city along with our website which have a wide reach globally.

How we publish Your FREE Classifieds ?

Generally any individual (not a company or business) from the locality can post as many as FREE text classifieds (Max 150 words) through our online form or via email to info@ourcircles.in.

The classifieds will be published in our website and print edition after verification.

Paid Advertisements Advantage

Through paid advertisements, the customer can get more wider reach through our web-banners/leaderboard, SMS promotions & Facebook promotions

We have the following advertisement blocks for our website and monthly publication.

Print Size Web-Banner Size Duration Rate
6cm x 5cm 300 px x 200 px 1 Month 1500
6 cm x 10 cm 300 px,x 200 px 1 Month 2500
12 cm x 5 cm 300 px x 200 px 1 Month 2500
12 cm x 10 cm 300 px x 200 px 1 Month 5000
18 cm x 5 cm 300 px x 200 px 1 Month 5000
12 cm x 3 cm 300 px x 200 px 1 Month 850
18 cm x 25cm Leaderboard ad 1 Month 10000
Highlighted Classifieds No banner 1 Month 450


Website ad blocks (Advertisement will be placed for two months)

730 x 110 leaderboard - This slot is for Full page ad providers

350 x 200 right side blocks - This slot will be occupied by the First Come First Policy.

Website ad blocks will hold multiple ads and will be loaded on each page refresh or new load)

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